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JUNE 2015

We can now confirm that following the end of our lease, the Core One premises will close near the end of June 2015.

We are all very sad to be leaving this outstanding location and the spacious premises we have enjoyed together since 2001 but all good things come to an end and we must say goodbye to the Gasworks!

All the dealers here at Core One would like to thank our clients who have travelled from across the world to visit us in London and we look forward to seeing you at our very exciting new locations which can now be revealed!

The majority of us will be relocating to what is probably the best trade call in Europe – Lorfords Antiques at Babdown Airfield near Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
This converted aircraft hangar, which is not unlike the Core One interior space, has for 2 years been a stage for 22 renowned dealers from UK and Europe.
The acquisition of a second hangar at Babdown Airfield has offered us an opportunity to move en masse to the Cotswolds to continue to trade in similar spacious showrooms, under one roof.

The following Core One Dealers will trade from Lorfords at Babdown:
Dean Antiques, Christophe Edwards, Roderic Haugh, Christopher Jones, Simon Pugh, Richard Steenberg, Garoa Zugasti.

Piers Woodnutt is relocating to 271 Lillie Road, London SW6 7LL

Orlando of JW Blanchard will continue to trade privately.

James Graham Stewart and Peter Glaisher will announce their plans shortly.

The Core One website will continue to be a portal for Core One dealers.
We will be making some changes to the website but essentially the Core One dealers will be accessible from the site as usual.

We will add up-dates to this announcement as they occur but please contact particular dealers with any additional questions. The list of dealers can be found here at the contact page.